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Dear Fales Friends,

We hope everyone enjoys a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We are excited for a positive and productive December.   Below you will find a few updates and reminders as well as some important dates.  

Report Cards for grades 1-3 will be available online the afternoon of Thursday, December 12th   The district will send out an email to families when they are ready for viewing. The following are a few points to consider while reviewing the report card.   --Celebrate your student’s progress!  
--Focus on how each of your students are doing as individuals.  --Set high expectations for your student(s), encourage them to do their best, provide support along the way, and praise them for their efforts!  --Continue to celebrate the progress your student(s) make every day! 

Kindergarten will have their first online Report Cards released on 2/13.  

Kindergarten’s second Report Card will be released on the last day of school.

The following are a few updates and reminders...

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