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Principal 2021-22
Dear Fales Families,


We are moving into the final phase of the building project which includes completing the front entrance, parking lot, playgrounds, hardtop play space, and pavilion.  Click here to view the final layout of the project.  Scroll down to the last page (page 5) to see the view of the outdoor space.

  • You will see earth moving begin soon on the frontside of the building, where the original Fales was located.  

  • During April vacation week, the playground that students are currently playing on will be closed.  

  • The project team will make some elevation adjustments to that playground and begin building the kindergarten playground.

  • The team will also pave the hardtop play space that will be located next to the gymnasium during April break and they will continue working on it the week we return from April vacation.  

  • We will hold indoor recess the first week back from April break while they complete the hardtop. 

  • The hardtop play space is scheduled to open for student use the first week of May.  

  • Students will likely use the hardtop play space during recess through the close of the school year.   

  • We want to thank the  FPG for purchasing some additional outdoor recess equipment and games for students to use on the hardtop play space.  

  • The goal is to have the building project completed by the start of summer.  That being said, the playgrounds may not be accessible until later in the summer due to the grass growing that will need to occur.

  • We look forward to celebrating the finalized building project as a community in the late summer or early fall.

  • Click here to view the construction site camera.  This camera provides you a view of the front of the building where they will begin working on the parking and play space areas.    You may enjoy peeking at it once in a while to observe the progress of the project or you may enjoy watching a time lapse video from the start of the project until now.  



Take good care,

Maryann Stannard

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